Pre-tirement and Encore Ministries

137 minutes


Priests, religious and lay ministers ages 65 to 80+ are discovering the value of reimagining the stage of life between traditional full-time ministry and retirement, also known as “pre-tirement.” Mary Pat Garvin, RSM, Ph.D., explores the growing trend of pre-tirement and the advantages of identifying your “encore ministry” in the service of healthy, successful aging.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Explore the concepts of pre-tirement, encore ministry and the Third Age;

  2. Identify the psychological, emotional and spiritual advantages of pre-tirement; and

  3. Discover how encore ministries can contribute to successful aging.

Reflection Questions

Questions for reflection and discussion prior to the learning session are provided below.

  1. What thoughts and emotions do you experience when you consider retirement?

  2. Are you familiar with the terms pre-tirement and encore ministry?  How do you understand them?

  3. What does successful aging look like for you?


Rev. David Songy, O.F.M. Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D. Rev. David Songy, O.F.M. Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D. President/CEO – Saint Luke Institute